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Whether you are making a donation, sending your child to one of our camps, or purchasing some of our apparel, you are making a difference.


The Issue:

The issue that From Goals to Wells is addressing is the inadequate availability of clean water in rural villages in Uganda. Every day the people of Uganda must travel to polluted water springs for the water they use to drink, cook, and wash their clothes. These springs are the same springs which animals go to to drink;  the animals walk through the water and even relieve themselves so the springs do not contain clean water. Dysentery and diarrhea, which are the number one cause of death of children in Uganda, run rampant among the children because they consume the unclean water.  Many humanitarian organizations are addressing this issue through constructing water wells and water filtration systems. One organization, called Assist International specializes in providing water filtration walls that are made up of gravel and rock. As water travels through these walls it is filtered and decontaminated and fresh water is dispensed. Assist International relies on the donations from independent groups like From Goals to Wells to fund these activities.

The Idea:

Our idea is to raise the funds for Assist International to install these water filtration walls in Uganda.  In order to raise money, we are putting on youth soccer camps in our communities. The profits from the camp will go directly to Assist International to provide the water filtration walls. Our vision also includes informing our local soccer community about the need for clean water in Uganda and inspiring them to make a difference.


The unclean water in Uganda is becoming a serious problem to the people who live there. One water filtration wall can provide clean water for 2,000 people for 10 to 15 years, and will de-worm them as well as preventing further illness from the contaminated water. Our hope is to continue having youth soccer camps year after year to raise funds for the water filtration walls until all of Uganda has adequate access to clean water.



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