About Us

In the spring of 2010, 19 year old Olivia Hinkle took a trip to a landlocked country in east Africa called Uganda. On her trip, Olivia witnessed women and children spending hours each day fetching water that wasn’t even safe to drink. Drinking this water causes serious illness and even death among Ugandan children. When she returned to the states, Oliva shared her experiences and frustrations with best friends Lucas Clardy and Kala Gabler. A few months later, the three friends formed From Goals to Wells with the intention of bringing clean water to Ugandans.



Our model is simple: We run youth soccer camps in America to fund the building of water filtration systems in rural Uganda.


Our dreams are large: we want to provide all of Uganda with access to clean, safe water.  



  • Making a Difference in a Childs Life
  • People Over Profit